1971 De Pas D'Urbino Lomazzi create Lampiatta for Stilnovo.

“Lampiatta was created from the desire to remove articulated parts and mechanisms, we took away everything that we could, thinking of embrasures (or arrow slits) where we could insert this “English helmet” so as to deflect the light. The light bulb had a special coloured covering that served to soften the light on the eyes, and which was in line with the English helmet … Not only is it for tables, but with a small device it can be mounted on a wall, and later the idea to let it hang came about ...”
D’Urbino and Lomazzi, from an interview given (March 2013) at the DePas D’Urbino Lomazzi Studio in Milan.

From an analysis of the original parts of the Lampiatta, made available by Donato D’Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi. Through their shared endless passion and thanks to their formidable memory, even if there were no technical drawings to refer to, it was possible to rebuild the Lampiatta in almost all its original versions.

Technical Details
Metal lamp with plastic base and aluminum cap. Available as a table, wall or hanging lamp.

Various colours:
Black, Red and Anodized.
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