The 10 points of Stilnovo’s Manifesto

  1. Start from the name - Stilnovo - which is a promise for the future, as well as a guarantee from the past: from the Dolce Stil Novo of Dante, Guinizelli, Cavalcanti up to the designs of Joe Colombo and Sottsass from the 60s. Proposing products that are unique, universal and attractive carriers of essential quality and originality.

  2. Reconstruct a forgotten history through the regeneration of “illuminating” projects (the Topo, the Valigia, the Alfiere, the Bugia, the Piega, the Triedro....) that represented excellent and memorable episodes of a happy combination of inventive design and entrepreneurial innovation, a mix between versatility and excellence.

  3. Use ones own story of talent and creativity, founded on collaborations with some of the masters of Italian design (Aulenti, Colombo, De Pas, D’Urbino, Lomazzi Sottsass...), to revive timeless projects that are intergenerational, unique and universal. A cultural project with a strong commercial vocation, distinctive and inclusive.

  4. Work across the board on the themes of creativity and happy life occasions, displaying a union between ingenuity, technology, aesthetics and simplicity, and identifying a new generation of designers to become partners for the future.

  5. Transfer the practical grace that is typical of Stil Novo and Italian design - the quality of the finishes and the know-how, the perfection of the details and the excellence of the materials - to new and extraordinary products for ‘illuminating’ daily life.

  6. Foresee an activity of collections - supported by a traveling exhibition – that reaches the countries particularly interested in the Italian way of life, in Russia, Asia, and Brazil.

  7. Take part in the Educational dimension by teaching and transferring the Italian way through conferences and lectures around the world, and by launching partnerships with universities and other educational institutions/organizations, specifically targeting the younger generations.

  8. Identify new themes found somewhere in between the analog and digital realms, extending ones own participatory capabilities and project developing talents to involve partners in areas that are both advanced and unexpected. 

  9. Work intensively within the international arena, presenting a range of products and projects that tell the unique story of Italian design, of its genesis and of its universal affirmation. Stilnovo becomes an advanced laboratory and cultural stimulus: a facilitator of and testimony for Italian design around the world. 

  10. Finally, consider the themes of design thinking, knowledge and know-how central to the experience of Stilnovo. Erudition, but also considering every single product a “mouthwatering dish”, an expression of knowledge, or more specifically, of Italian taste. 
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