Abbiamo preso una bella PIEGA!
MUDEC 30 Novembre 2017


We have token a best PIEGA!

Giorgio De Ferrari in collaboration with Stilnovo present the new lamp PIEGA at Mudec, museum of cultures in Milano.

“A person, a figure, attracted by something, bends his head a little bit to one side to observe it better. That fold, diagonal compared to the whole configuration, is a real expression related with its function. It is what Castiglioni called the main component of design. Precisely, “Piega” lamp”.

Giorgio De Ferrari in his studio, Torino 2017.

"In this Stilnovo revisited piece, the company wants to praise the Architect De Ferrari, preserving the essence and the poetry of that time, the 80’s.
Drawing from modern technology lines are simplified, following what Louis Sullivan has defined as “Form Follows Function”.


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