1969 Antonio Macchi Cassia creates Gravita for Stilnovo.

“ … I spoke with Stilnovo … If we create a glass sphere we are working around the fact that we have diffused light with the large sphere and a directed light with the smaller one, with separate switches, two lamps in one and we put a sphere that runs up against another sphere inside this mysterious thing, which makes one ask, how does it manage to stay up! Over the years, in many of my objects there has always been the desire to have fun while I am planning … In 1969, the prototype was made but it was never produced because of its complexity.”
Antonio Macchi Cassia, from an interview given (March 2013) at the Antonio Macchi Cassia Studio, Milan

This table lamp was never produced by Stilnovo, so this is a new product and it was a real challenge to release it. This was made possible by Antonio Macchi Cassia, who still wanted to see it produced. Only the prototype had been built in 1969, even though it was advertised in the main design magazines of the time. All the technical drawings were perfectly in tact and conserved in Antonio Macchi Cassia's Design Studio and due to modern technology, and the passion of our consultants and artisans, Gravita was finally produced.

Technical Details
Adjustable table glass and metal lamp. The cap can be made to go in any direction following the curve of the glass.

Black base, transparent glass
and chrome cap.
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