Light, like all electromagnetic waves, interacts with matter. The phenomena that most commonly affect or impede the transmission of light through matter are: absorption, diffusion, reflection, refraction and diffraction. Reflection by surfaces, alone or combined with absorption, is the main mechanism through which objects are revealed to our eyes, while the diffusion by the atmosphere is responsible for the brightness of the sky.
Not only light, but class, design and, above all, a mind-boggler. Brings the image of Maria Cristina Mariani Dameno, best known as "Cini Boeri", the s fi on the fly from Stilnovo. "To make this lamp, more than 400 welds were required and with its 20 Watt power it is possible to illuminate a room of 16 square meters alone." Another innovative aspect is the material used: It is made of powder agglomeration, partly synthetic mineral parts.
So we developed the idea in the studio, simplifying and schematizing the image, because nature is the best designer of us! once we have defined the paper model, we have asked stilnovo and my led to believe in this project and to try to realize it. At that time, the two companies, engaged in the definition of new LED-based technologies, decided to develop the idea of ​​a "branch" light tube, which emits its own light, with the possibility of making the lamp modular and therefore "To grow it" just like ivy on the wall.
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