1984 Giorgio De Ferrari creates Piega per Stilnovo.

"We wanted to make a lamp that uses Stilnovo's skills with metal, but at the same time we wanted to choose very simple and different from circular forms that were part of the Stilnovo catalog of time. Tubular shapes are always the same from any angle you look at, while the rectangular ones have the characteristic of changing the shape on the basis of how it is orientated. We have taken special care of the functional aspect: the non-orthogonal bend of the illuminating part allows you to have light at the right point with the lamp at your side." Giorgio De Ferrari, from the interview (November 2017) at the Fondazione Achille Castiglioni, Milan.

In the re-release of iconic pieces, the adaptation of new light sources has brought the benefit of having a led light that does not disturb the user and also gives the product a new pleasing updated aesthetic look.

Technical Details
Metal table lamp with black cone for led support.

Black cone and details, metal body painted in black, white or yellow.


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