Saliscendi by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, one of the most particular sample of Stilnovo collection, created 70 years ago for the Milan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has been re-edited by Stilnovo internal development team in a more contemporary key. The original chandelier has the reflector of 120cm diameter for a total height of 5/6 meters, now Saliscendi/2 is the more "domestic" version, with smaller dimensions. In fact, its size is reduced by 50%.

Saliscendi/2 is a lamp in ripped and lacquered metal with direct and reflected light. The big reflector is a counterweight that, moving to the opposite direction from the lamp, enlarges the direct light and vice versa. In this way a constant lighting equilibrium is maintained.

LED light is a totally established technology today that will guide us towards the future, with new finishes and new colours, ideal for any type of space, from the office world to private homes.
Presented on December 13 at our partner for the occasion, DVO_ in the showroom in Via Maroncelli 5 in Milan, on show until the end of January 2019. (dvo_ Learning + Innovation Center)

Present at the presentation: Federica Sala, co-curator of the exhibitions "A Castiglioni" Triennale Milano; Danilo Premoli, art director Stilnovo; Stefano Apollonio, product designer Stilnovo; Renato and Stefania Consulates, Stilnovo.
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