After a long absence, Stilnovo returns to Euroluce in a space illuminated by a selection of iconic pieces, the result of an idea of figures that innovated the lighting world with imagination during the relaunch of industrial design in the post WWII era. Perhaps one of the subjects from which the line draws inspiration is that of “timeless” products, where the soul of the project has remained untouched by time, remaining faithful to the past, although using decidedly modern technologies.
This year, the choice involved the creators of Fante, Lampiatta, Valigia, Buonanotte, Minitopo, Topo and Triedro. Elements with a strong “POP” connotation, typical of the sixties-seventies period. Playful items with a strong and bold character.
The team is made up of Joe Colombo, De Pas, D’Urbino and Lomazzi, Giovanni Luigi Gorgoni and Ettore Sottsass jr.
The revival operation that Linea Light Group has undertaken to relaunch of the Stilnovo brand has served to emphasise the functional task within well-defined forms.
Linea Light Group wants to give the public presentations dedicated to the relaunching of the products mentioned above: a series of talks which will involve great names of design which collaborated with the group in conceiving some of the most iconic products.
The presentations will be held in the Linea Light Group stand, just across from Stilnovo, Hall 13 Stand F08-E09.

Speech Calendar:


April 10th | h 11.00 Designer Gianni Rigo presents: Apache

April 10th | h 14.00 Arch. Jacopo Acciaro presents: Light office education

April 11th | h 11.00 Arch. Pio e Tito Toso presents: Honey, Sparkling

April 11th | h 14.00 Arch. Paolo Lomazzi & Donato D’Urbino presents: Fante, Lampiatta

April 12th | h 11.00 Dott Arch Giovanni Luigi Gorgoni presents: Buonanotte

April 12th | h 14.00 Prof. Ignazia Favata per Joe Colombo presents: Triedro, Minitopo, Topo

Stop by and see us in Pavilion 13, Stand E03 to relive the beauty of Italian industrial design.

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